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Water Flow  Monitor Model WFM-1500

WATER FLOW MONITOR WFM-1500 - Bench Top Sensor Shuts OFF Water Supply and Heater is Water Line Breaks. For Open Flow Systems.

Water Flow Monitor with variable voltage Model VVWF-800

WATER FLOW MONITOR VVWF800 - Same as WFM-1500, w/Variable Voltage Control on one outlet.
Water Flow Monitor for Closed Loop system Model WFMT-1500

WATER FLOW MONITOR WFMT-1500 - Same as WFM-1500, For Closed Circulating Systems, w/turbine Sensor.
Water Flow Guard Models WF-1, WF-3, and WF-6

WATER FLOW GUARD - Prevents Flooding by Shutting Off Water Supply and Electrical Outlets. Permanently Mounted.

Water Flow Monitor Accessories

WATER FLOW PROTECTION ACCESSORIES - Includes Solenoid Valve and Other Accessories Used With Above Systems.

Reservoir Monitor Model RM-1

RESERVOIR MONITOR RM-1 - Infra Red Liquid Level Sensor for Clear Containers. Shut off pumps before over flowing or turn pumps on before your reservoir runs dry.
Spill Alarm and Cut Off Model SP-1

SPILL ALARM & CUT-OFF SP-1 - Detects Bench Top and Floor Spills. Shuts OFF Electrical Equipment. Turn your pumps off before your flood or turn your heaters off when you break a hose.
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