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THERMOCOUPLE SENSORS - I2R stocks many of the popular sizes and calibrations of industrial and laboratory thermocouples.  I2R also a leading producer of custom made thermocouples.

Heavy Duty Relay

HEAVY-DUTY RELAY™ - Increases THERM-O-WATCH® Capacity by up to 20 Amps or Up to 240Volts.

Heating mantles HEATING MANTLES - I2R is a distributor for GlasCol heating products.
Automatic Lab Jack

JACK-O-MATIC® PNEUMATIC JACKS - Used with THERM-O-WATCH® to Raise and Lower Heating Source.

HotSpot Heat Lamp HOTSPOT - Heat Lamp for Heating and Drying Applications.
Tilt-N-Pour TILT-N-POUR FLASK HOLDER - Handles 12L and 22L Round Bottom Safely.
Programmable 7 day timer

PROGRAMMABLE TIMER - This is a 1000 watt completely programmable real time Timer for use around the lab.

Thermocouple Adapter for Therm-O-Watch

TCA/1 THERMOCOUPLE ADAPTER - "Piggy-Backs" Original Capacitance Sensing THERM-O-WATCH® to Permit Thermocouple Sensing.

Teflon Adpaters TEFLON® ADAPTERS - Secures Thermometers and Thermocouples in 3-Neck Flasks.
Thermal Reaction blocks   THERMAL REACTION BLOCKS - I2R is a distributor for the complete line of MéCour Products.


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